About K&B Automotive

K&B Automotive was born in December 1992, and is now located on the Surry road in Ellsworth, Maine. We credit the success of our business to the choice of people on our K&B business team, to our loyal and happy customers, and to all those great companies with which we are associated.

We are fortunate to have in our employ people who share our philosophies with regard to honesty, competency and quality automotive repair. We have also chosen to keep our business small and personal enough to give our customers the type of repair experience that they're seeking. We feel that our best and most sincere form of advertising is the referrals we get from our customers. Those increase our business by leaps and bounds! There are several things which contribute to the success and growth of K&B Automotive:

  • First and foremost is our ability to keep abreast of the ever-changing technologies that impact our industry, such as alternative fuels and upgraded, more complex electrical and electronic systems.
  • Our ability to quickly access the repair information necessary to diagnose and repair the vehicles we see in our shops.
  • Our ability to maintain the profitability necessary for the financial survival of our business, and to keep our work an excellent and affordable value for our community.
  • And finally, a qualified and well-trained work force.

Brett Alexander, Owner



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